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Sports Turf Quality & Performance Testing

Over the past ten years, STRI has developed cutting edge equipment, technology and techniques that can accurately measure the quality of sports turf and test the playing performance for different types of sports and sports surfaces.

This advanced service provides sports clubs and facilities management and staff with detailed data and analysis of the performance of their sports turf, which feeds directly into your management and maintenance strategies and plans. The data and analysis provide you with:

  1. A detailed account of the different playing performance characteristics of your sports turf
  2. A benchmarking tool to understand what levels you are currently achieving
  3. Information to enable you to set quality targets to achieve over given timescales
  4. Tracking progress, to show the improvement or decline of your sports surface quality
  5. Clear and concise data and charts to communicate performance and improvements throughout your sports club/facility.

STRI’s Quality & Performance Testing is offered to all clients, across all sports, and, for golf clubs, is known as the ‘STRI Programme’.

The STRI Turf Management Programme uses innovative technology, developed by TORO, to measure and assess turf performance across a whole golf course, racecourse or football/rugby pitches, providing advice on a localised and site-specific management plan for your club. The service provides analysis of turf performance measurements within a comprehensive report, which includes topographical mapping, highlighting any problem ‘zones’ with recommendations on how to improve consistency and surface quality. This gives you the ability to apply inputs to smaller areas, reducing costs and improving performance across your surfaces.

We have the most experienced research staff and world-renowned scientists working within our STRI Research team, which is working on further developments for equipment, technology and techniques. We look forward to sharing these with you in the future, as we continually strive to improve sports surfaces across the world.

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