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Sports Turf Care & Advice

Our advisory team at STRI offers independent and impartial guidance on improving the quality and performance of your sports surfaces, providing practical advice on the care and maintenance of your sports turf and environmental management. We provide you with a detailed report, following an assessment of sports surfaces, alongside recommendations on how to manage and improve your sports turf.

STRI has the most experienced team of sports turf advisors in the world, who have access to a vast knowledge base, accumulated through our research projects, including information on the latest techniques, products, machinery and environmental management tools to use for effective maintenance of your sports turf.

The services we offer include:

  1. Detailed analysis of your sports turf quality and playing performance
  2. Guidance and recommendations on maintaining and improving quality
  3. Comprehensive reports, data analysis and supportive documentation
  4. Study of surroundings and influencing factors eg shade and environmental analysis
  5. Ongoing playing surface quality and performance monitoring
  6. Regular site visits and meetings with your team

We offer two choices of service for sports clubs and facilities:

  1. STRI Membership Subscription – with annual visits, from one to four per year, depending on your needs and/or condition of your sports turf. The majority of our clients choose this option because of the discounted price of the service and additional benefits they receive through their membership, including:
    1. STRI Bulletin, providing the latest sports turf news and articles on products and techniques
    2. STRI Help Line, ‘all year round’ telephone support and expertise from our experienced advisory team
    3. Discounted lab services – including organic matter and soils chemistry testing
    4. Discounted training courses – scheduled and tailored courses
    5. Access to STRI’s on-line web services, including STRI research data and articles.
  2. Bespoke advisory visits – for sports clubs and facilities that require urgent visits, with STRI providing advice on problem areas and/or guidance on maintenance or environmental issues. This is offered as a premium service to support our clients in sorting out any performance or aesthetic issues with their sports turf. We work closely with the sports club’s staff to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

Contact us on +44 (0)1274 565131 or to find out more about STRI services and how we can support you in looking after your sports surfaces.

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