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Industry Research & Product Testing

We are recognised as a world leading authority in the field of research for sports surfaces. The STRI Research team works on a wide range of different research projects each year; supporting the industry in trialling new products and machinery and developing new techniques to produce the best quality sports turf.

The STRI Research team is unrivalled in their scientific knowledge and practical experience, with access to the best technology in the industry. We have more than eighty years experience in researching ways to improve sports turf and understanding the best products and methods to use for high quality maintenance of sports surfaces.

Our experienced team of scientists and technicians manages the following research services at our extensive research and lab facilities in Bingley and at other designated sites, including sports clubs and facilities, across Europe:

  1. Product Testing – for grasses, machinery, fertilisers, wetting agents, biological control agents and herbicides. All trials are run confidentially and without bias. Once the trial is complete we can work with clients, at their request, to present the trial results at industry events and seminars. STRI is recognised as an official Efficacy Testing Facility (ORETO 236) by the Chemical Regulation Directorate.
  2. Soil Testing & Analysis – we provide independent testing, analytical and evaluation services for soils and grasses at our A2LA Accredited Laboratory (certificate and scope). Our STRI Laboratories deliver fast and accurate test results for all types of sports turf and amenity grasslands. We are USGA approved and offer specialist geotechnical testing for putting green materials.
  3. Turf Performance Research – our STRI Research team is developing new technology, tools and methodologies to measure how sports turf is performing. We are also researching holistic approaches to managing sports turf, combining different products, methods and machinery to understand how the combination of these influences the performance of turf for different sports.
  4. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – IPM has become an effective and environmentally sensitive way to manage pests. This methodology sets sensible action thresholds, identifies and monitors pests, manages pests using cultural control methods, uses less risky pest controls and mechanical controls, such as trapping or weeding and only uses spraying of pesticides as a last resort.
  5. Pests, Weeds & Diseases ID – we provide a fast and comprehensive service for the diagnosis and identification of pests, weeds and diseases for sports turf, with practical advice on how to effectively manage any problem areas.
  6. Rootzone & Construction Research – our STRI Research team is continually looking at new ways to improve the durability and appearance of sports surfaces. We study different construction and rootzone materials, turf stabilisation systems and products and develop innovative turf systems for each different sport.
  7. Renewable Products Testing – we believe the use of recycled products and materials is an important focus for sports clubs, leisure facilities, local authorities and public spaces. We run specialist research projects to test the viability and characteristics of renewable products and recommend potential uses of these for different sports turf and amenity areas.

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