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STRI Services

The range of services we offer at STRI has been developed to support you in developing new sports surfaces and effectively managing your existing ones.

Our experienced consultants and advisors work in partnership with all types of clients, across all sports, to deliver quality results to your required standards, budgets, resources and timescales. We consider each piece of work we do on an individual basis and take the time to understand your needs, the required usage of the sports surface and the resources you have to manage the sports turf.

An overview of STRI’s services is shown below. We also offer bespoke services and solutions to deal with developing quality sports turf and/or dealing with any problems:

  1. Design & Development – for new build and construction and reconstruction of all sports surfaces for both natural and artificial sports turf, including a full project management service for installation, specialist drainage and irrigation solutions and environmental planning (see and management.
  2. Sports Turf Care & Advice – offering practical advice on how to improve the playing qualities of your sports turf, providing the latest recommendations on maintenance products and techniques and sorting out any problems or issues with your sports turf, including environmental management.
  3. Sports Turf Quality & Performance Testing – detailed performance analysis for all sports surfaces using the latest equipment and technology developed by STRI, giving you detailed data and analysis, enabling you to track improvement over time.
  4. Industry Research & Product Testing – cutting edge research working on ways to improve the quality of sports surfaces through product and machinery testing, developing new methods and techniques for the management of sports turf and rootzone and construction research.
  5. STRI Membership Subscription – we offer a range of STRI membership options at discounted prices, including an annual sports turf advisory membership, an environmental & ecology service membership, a trade & industry membership and a quarterly bulletin subscription.
  6. Training & Education – tailored courses for different sports and levels of experience; sharing our knowledge on the latest products and techniques to achieve quality sports surfaces, including sports turf design, development and maintenance.

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