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STRI is the world’s leading authority for sports turf research. Our aim is to research construction methods, preparation techniques and products to improve the performance, quality, durability and aesthetics of all sports surfaces.

Our research team is unrivalled in their scientific knowledge of the construction, care and maintenance of sports surfaces. The scientists and technicians in the STRI Research team provide years of practical research and experience, combined with access to the most advanced technology in the industry.

Over the last eighty years STRI has managed research projects for all sports governing bodies and associations, product and machinery manufacturers, product distributors, governmental bodies and organisations, industry bodies and private sports facilities.

We offer a full range of research and testing services for UK and international clients at our research facilities in Bingley or at individual sports venues and sites across the world:

  • Product Testing – we manage some of the most extensive grass and turf testing programmes in the world. All our product and machinery trials are run confidentially and without bias. We are ORETO certified to provide efficacy tests in the UK. We work with individual clients, on request, to present trial results through events, seminars and articles.
  • Soil Testing & Analysis – we deliver fast and accurate test results for all types of sports turf and amenity grasslands. Our soils laboratory is A2LA Accredited (certificate and scope) for putting green testing and provides independent testing, analytical and evaluation services.
  • Turf Performance Research – we work alongside sports governing bodies and world-class sporting venues to develop sports turf to suit their individual requirements to help them attain the required performance levels. We are currently researching how the combination of different products, maintenance regimes and machinery influences the performance of different sports surfaces. The team is also developing new technology, tools and methodologies to allow accurate measurement of sports turf performance and quality.
  • Rootzone & Construction Research – studying and testing different construction and rootzone materials, turf stabilisation systems and products and developing individual turf systems for different sports.
  • Pests, Weeds & Diseases ID – we deliver a fast and comprehensive service to enable clients to identify and manage any pest, weed or disease problems.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – developing controls and methodologies for an effective and sustainable way to manage pests.
  • Renewable Products Testing – managing projects to test environmentally friendly methods that use renewable products and recommending how these can be used across different sports turf and amenity areas.

We encourage our clients to publish the results of our research, where appropriate, in accordance with their commercial interests.

Contact us on +44 (0)1274 565131 or to find out more about our research facilities and capabilities, product testing and soil analysis services.

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