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History of STRI

STRI (originally Sports Turf Research Institute) was established in 1929, in association with the UK Golf Unions and The R&A (Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews), to provide research and advisory services for golf clubs on their golf greens and courses.

By the 1950s, STRI had clearly established a reputation as the leading company in Europe for providing advice and research on new products and techniques for managing sports turf, not just for golf, but for all types of sports surfaces and amenity grass areas.

The success of STRI comes from the focus and expertise of the research team, based at our extensive research facilities in Bingley, Yorkshire, which remains as our headquarters to this date. The team are as dedicated now, as they were eighty years ago, to establishing new and better ways of producing high quality sports surfaces across the world. The knowledge base from STRI’s research, along with years of practical experience, is what makes our consultants and advisors the best in the industry.

The last two decades have seen rapid growth within STRI, currently with 75 staff, delivering our range of consultancy and research services across an international client base of around 2,100 sports clubs and facilities each year.

Today, STRI is recognised as the world’s leading authority for research and advice on sports turf design and management.

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